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MoCCA: This weekend!


It's time for my favorite comic convention of the year: the MoCCA Art Festival!

Saurday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8
The Puck Building: Houston and Lafayette Streets
New York, New York
11 AM - 6 PM both days
$10 a day or $15 for a weekend pass

Myself and the Comics Bakery will be set up at tables A7 and A8, the same spot we've been in for the past several years. We will have our usual crazy assortment of comics and art and baked goods! I'll have lots of BSC original pages for sale; if there is a specific page you're interested in buying, comment here or drop me an email, and I will bring it for you if it's still available!

Sadly, the 4th BSC graphic novel isn't out yet, but I'll have all of my other books. Dave and I created a new comic for a Star Wars-themed anthology, Harvest is When I Need You Most. I'll post a link to its website when I know the URL--it was put together by shiru, and promises to be insanely cute.

As for the other events surrounding the Art Fest, they sound extremely promising!

Friday brings the first-ever Post-Bang at NYU, an all-day event tied to the MoCCA Art Fest, featuring lectures and seminars with some of the brightest stars in the graphic novel world. Attendance is FREE! I'll be going to at least a couple of the panels; culminating with a spotlight talk with Lynda Barry! One of my favorite cartoonists of ALL TIME.

Saturday night, I'll be at the Lulu Awards, Friends of Lulu's annual award ceremony honoring the great women in our industry. This is the first year the awards are being held in New York City and in conjunction with MoCCA, and it promises to be a great time. Come on out and support your favorite cartooning ladies!

In other news, it got HOT--and this weekend is supposed to be a real scorcher. Hopefully the A/C at the Puck Building won't break down again this year! Bring your freezer packs full of icy drinks, just in case!
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