raina (goraina) wrote,

May Madness: Part 2

Last week's trip up to Springfield for the MLA Conference was really fun! A nice combination of productive and relaxing. Dave and I Amtrak'd it up to Massachusetts, and spent a couple of days talking to librarians and eating wonderful meals with wonderful company.

And later this week, I'm heading to Cleveland, OH for the Margaret S. Skiff Children's & Teen Literature Conference! The short guest list absolutely blows my mind: Mo Willems, Gene Yang, Nick Bertozzi, myself, and Cherise Mericle Harper.

I'm going to stay in Ohio an extra day so I can spend some time with one of my most awesome pals from elementary school through high school, who moved away to the midwest when we were 16. I'm so looking forward to seeing her! I've also never been to Cleveland before, so I'm excited to see the city as well as my friend.

As if all this weren't enough, I'm going on another trip next week!! But that's going to be an actual vacation, and it has been a long time coming. After that I get to spend another solid month working on my book. But MoCCA's in there, too...I should have a couple of MoCCA-related announcements any day now. Stay tuned!
Tags: appearances, cleveland, conferences, mla, mocca, ohio

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