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CCBA, Travel, Eisners, AA:ZG, and more!!

Oh goodness. I guess I'm guilty of ignoring Livejournal, too. But I'm overdue for a post--I have lots of news!

First up, SMILE was recently named a finalist in the Children's Choice Book Awards! This is an award that gets voted on by actual kids, so if you know a kid in 5th or 6th grade, they can vote! Teachers, librarians, and booksellers can also register their students'/patrons'/customers' votes. The deadline is this coming Friday, April 29, so get your votes in right away!

Kids, vote here!

Adults who serve kids, vote here!


Second, I've been crazy-busy with travel and events! Here are a few links to some posts and photo sets:

November in Miami: School Visits and Miami Book Fair Int'l

February and March in Vancouver and Seattle

April in Austin: Texas Library Association Annual Conference

April in Houston: Teen Book Con

Next I'm heading to Toronto, Baltimore, Chelsea and Ann Arbor, MI, and San Diego Comic Con! Maybe I'll see you on the road...


Third, Smile has been nominated for an Eisner Award!

If you work in comics in almost any capacity (including librarian, bookseller, or teacher), you are eligible to VOTE!!! I'm nominated in the Best Publication for Teens category, and would truly love it if you'd cast a ballot. Winners will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con in July!


Last but not least, there's a lot of excitement around our house because Dave's new book Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity hits stores on June 7!! Here's a shiny new book trailer for you to watch and share:

If you'd like to pre-order a copy from Amazon, you can do so here. There's also an AA:ZG Facebook Fan Page, and of course we're throwing a book release party when the book comes out--stay tuned for more info about that.


I'm a little less than halfway finished with the art for my next graphic novel, which remains untitled, but which I occasionally post non-spoilery art from on my Tumblr. I should be done drawing in January, and the book itself will hopefully be published in late 2012.

What a year it has been and continues to be!

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